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The use of a multitude of material resources and a wide range of activities allows teachers to keep every student actively involved.


In EF’s Trailblazers, emphasis is given to increasing English language confidence through the active participation of each and every student.

Teenagers have a distinct advantage when it comes to learning a second language. Students aged 11 to 15 have developed learning strategies and more advanced skills in their own language, which they can transfer to the acquisition of a second language.

EF’s Trailblazers course is split into five stages, each of which is divided into two distinct levels. Students are given an initial oral assessment test to determine their current level of language. Throughout the course, students are continually assessed by teachers and progress is evaluated at the end of each unit, level and stage to ensure that they are reaching their absolute potential.

The Trailblazers series involves engaging and interactive lessons using detailed Teacher Lesson Plans. The use of a multitude of material resources and a wide range of activities allows teachers to meet the needs of different learning styles and keep every student actively involved. Teachers use our own EF branded materials such as flashcards, audio CDs, PPT’s, game cards, quizzes, tests and work cards.

The Trailblazers course features EF’s unique Efekta system to both cover the fundamentals of the English language and enhance students’ communication skills. The Efekta system combines face-to-face lessons aided by the Classroom Companion Unit to build conversational skills, Life Club activities to practice spoken English, and our online learning program Practice and Play. Read more about this product.

Our internet based learning program Practice & Play provides an opportunity for the student to practice what they have learned in the classroom either at home or at school. It is a set of online flash-based activities and games that reinforce the language. Each level gives access to 32 activities and 4 games. Moreover, each time an activity is completed, a new one becomes available. In total, there are 396 activities that provide more than 100 hours of fun learning. Therefore, vocabulary and listening from the HF books are practiced in a unique and fun way.

Parent Pages has been designed to facilitate communication between teachers, course consultants and parents. Comments are regularly added by the teacher into the system and then immediately translated into local language so that parents are able to easily read them. In this way, Parent Pages allows parents to closely track their child’s development and participate in their child’s learning progress.

Classroom Companion Unit is a set of interactive multimedia materials that teachers can access via the classroom’s computer. The materials complement the activities in the book and are used to present or practice the target language in a much more interactive way.

Life Club events are teacher led activities that take place in an environment outside of the traditional classroom setting. The teacher acts only as a facilitator, assisting and guiding the students as they engage in the activities. Each Life Club session is based on a different theme which brings variety to the course. Life Clubs provide the perfect setting for students to participate in communicative activities, socialize and have fun in an English speaking environment.
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