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Small Stars

Small Stars is a developmental & language learning program for 3 to 6 year olds.

Children learn with Roddy and his animal friends in a fun and engaging way through adventures in the Small Stars World. They develop and learn language, hand-eye coordination, balance and other skills while broadening their cognitive development through engaging, interactive activities, songs and stories.

The Small Stars series involves absorbing and interactive lessons using detailed Teacher Lesson Plans. The use of a multitude of material resources and a range of activities allows teachers to suit the needs of different learning styles and keep every student actively involved.

Teachers use our own EF branded materials such as flashcards, interactive audio activities, story videos with story cards featuring the adventures of Roddy, mini-flashcards, puppets, and additional handouts to foster creativity.

Based on EF’s Efekta system, our Small Stars course provides fun language immersion to make confident learners and speakers of English. The Efekta system combines face-to-face lessons to develop and build language competence, Life Club activities to develop social confidence, and our online learning program, Practice and Play, to develop autonomy and self-confidence. Read more about this product.

Our advanced Efekta System uses an integrated approach and a wide range of teaching methods and media types. Language is assimilated at an optimum rate through interactive songs, story videos, fun classroom activities and project work. The course follows our ‘Learning to Learn’ concept which seeks to encourage students’ natural cognitive development and prepare them for school.

Four fun-filled courses have bean created: Blue Book, Green Book, Orange Book, and Red Book. Children are placed by age to create a comfortable classroom environment, maximize learning ability, and foster confidence and development. The course is thoroughly structured and every component is integral to success. Parental involvement is highly recommended and supported by Small Stars Practice & Play and Parent Pages.

Our Small Stars teachers are fully supported and provided with the tools necessary to make the classroom experience engaging, interactive and exciting while bringing to life the adventures of the course's characters. Specially tailored Teacher’s Lesson Plans with step-by-step directions have been developed to guide the teacher. The colorful Student book includes pictures and exciting graphics aimed at very young learners. In addition to the course books, the supplementary materials include:

- Classroom & Student flashcards to provide a strong visual aid
- Storycards to enhance the storytelling within the course
- Story Videos to let students step into the Small Stars world
- Puppets for games, dialogues and activities to put children at ease
- Audio to develop listening & speaking with funny songs and special activities
- Handouts & Extension Exercises to bring novelty, creativity and extra practice
- Parent Pages to make it possible for parents to monitor their child’s progress and development

To bring the Small Stars World home, we have developed a unique online Practice & Play system that features visual songs, story videos and special tasks for students. Your child can practice learning English with you at home and also complete specially assigned homework. Children learn best with their parents’ encouragement and support.

Our Small Stars World Life Club takes young learners on special social adventures outside the typical classroom setting. The specially designed Life Club Stage, TV studio, Challenge and Discovery Wall bring students into the real world and make the learning and communication fun, interesting and, most importantly, useful.
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